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Q & A with: Olga Mink
 – interviewed by Shantell Martin.

Where are you based out off?
Netherlands, Eindhoven

Tell us about your background and experiences in the Audio Visual scene?
I switched from Fine arts to Animation Design during my study and started experimenting
in video performance. During my MFA I became interested in video installation art.
Gradually my work shifted into multiscreen presentations and interactive art.

What are some of your Influences and Inspirations?
Artists who challenge me to look at the world in a different way. This can be in art, music,
architecture, technology, film..

Is there a Major project and Successes that you have worked on in the past?
A successful project to me, is a work that means something for me personally.
For example Atlantida, a work created on the Canarian islands by travelling and filming its
beautiful surroundings. Also Sjansmachine, an interactive installation reflecting new phenomena
in social media. It connects people in a new way. The interactive part allows people to have fun
and engage with digital art, which makes this a great project.

What are some of your favorite projects/shows to date?
I am developing a concept that generates realtime music and image based on Social
Security Numbers. People experience a unique audiovisual repertoire on a video wall.

Future predictions on where you see you and your work going?
Next weeks’ show is a live drawing project with the Belgium ensemble Totem.
Sjansmachine has been invited to the Boston Cyberarts Festival. Last but not least,
two pieces are shortlisted for the Celeste Network Art Prize 2010.

Why should we go see your work?
I hope to bring something unique into the world, to inspire people.

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