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2004, commissioned artwork.

Video-matic is an interactive installation commissioned by the City Council of Sint Oedenrode.

The installation was developed for a new cultural center. The concept and design of the installation
is integrated with the functionality of the modernist building. At night the projection becomes visible
from both inside and outside the building. Interactivity is accomplished via internet and a touch-screen.
The users of the building are invited to play and manipulate the images by mixing sequences in real
time. Worldwide access was obtained via the dedicated website
An automated video database ensured an ongoing supply of images.

The increased popularity of urban screens in public space inspired Mink to develop this work.
Interactivity added new value to the use of these screens in the public environment.

Synergy between the video and the environment was accomplished with the customized surface,
integrated in the building’s infrastructure.

The software of video-matic is developed by Jilt van Moorst.
The architects of the building are De Twee Snoeken.

video-matic corridor

video-matic flyer