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Brabantcity, 2009 –  video animation

“Brabantcity” is a video work that investigates the relationship between ancient and modern architecture in the big cities of Brabant. The first part is motion graphics displaying images of these cities in the past. It’s a deconstruction of architectural landscapes taken from old postcards and archive footage. Each photo’s is carefully animated and synchronized to the music.

Through a stream of images the viewer witnesses the reconstructed architecture transforming over time. Layer by layer buildings and street views are animated, engaging the viewer to imagine the evolving shapes as they are rhythmically taking shape.

The second part of the video reflects the present. The city is captured frame by frame with a technique called “space lapse” (instead of time lapse). The work consists of more then 4000 photographs captured by walking though the city and by keeping a consistent focal point. By moving a few steps between photos a spatial illusion of distance is constructed. The images were then carefully composited with custom written software. The result is a rollercoaster of a fast paced sequence representing the dynamics of the five cities in an accelerated perspective.

The video was commissioned by ‘Schatten van Brabant’.
Thanks to Mauritius Seeger and HKU intern Katie Bogdanska for their effort and time to make this possible. The music is composed by Scanner.

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