archive 2011-2005
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Sjansmachine @ International New Media Art festival, Currents, NM, USA
Intimate Strangers with Hahn Rowe, Toulouse, Fance
Live drawing performance at Screenplay .CHB, Berlin
AV:in Talk at Mapping Festival, Geneva, CH.
Re:visie Nederlands Film festival, curator.
Presentation BKKC, Film&Music in de mix, Tilburg
ED / DDW2011, Sectie C Eindhoven.
BKKC funding advisor Tilburg

Guest-curator Plazaplus Festival, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven
Participant workshop videomapping, NIMK Amsterdam
Zimmer frei, Schellens, Eindhoven
Sjansmachine @ NFF / Re:visie, Festivalpaviljoen Utrecht
Curator Re:visie Utrecht with Claartje Opdam+Ninke Bloemberg.
Mute02, Projections in public space, Haarlem. Curated by Marissa Evers.
Blindman/ Tomens: Premiere in The Singel, Antwerp (with Matthew Wright)
Blindman/Totems: Brussels Kaaitheatre (with Matthew Wright)
Dutch Design Week: City council Eindhoven, presentation (with Matthias Oostrik)
Comité member WAR (Werkveld advies raad Media) Avans/St Joost, Breda.
Comité member Art & public space, funding advisor, BKKC Tilburg.


Sjansmachine interactive installation PlazaPlus festival at Plaza Futura.
Atlantida, 7th Mercosul Biennial/Projectables. Watch page here>.
Atlantida at “Videomedeja” Novi Sad,  Atlantida.
Madatac Festival/Madrid, the videoclip Voice print/Best Video Art work.
Screening Trespassing@ MID-E festival, Spaim
Atlantida video Museumnight/Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven.
Onedotzero festival, Screening Atlantida, Terrain09, BFI, London, UK
La Paz, Bolivia, Optica festival, screening ‘Nature of Being’ curated by CultureTV
Performance Tanz im august/ with hahn Rowe. Summerbar, Berlin.
Spain Cacares: Laptoparus, Tutor 5-day videoworkshop
Lumalive project by PHILPS, Eindhoven.
International Filmfestival Breda, performance The Nature of Being.
Live with Black dog, Electronic Music Festival, Bozar, Brussels, Belgium.
USA Tour EMPAC/ONEDOTZERO ‘The Nature of Being’ NY /USA.
2 Guest-Lectures at University of San Diego.
Nature of Being @ The Center for Research in Computing and the Arts, UCSD.
Spark Festival of Electronic Music and Arts/Minneapolis, Minnesota: Brabantstad.
VAGUE TERRAIN: Urban Nature published in citySCENE.
The 2nd Biennial of the Canary Islands,  Las Palmas, Gran Canaria. w/ Scanner.
Performance at Sonic visions, The Nature of Being, Reutlingen, Germany.
Presentation Moving Buildings P60, Amstelveen.
Video commission Schatten van Brabant, Provinciehuis Den Bosch


Publication book Do Not Exist Thealit, Germany
Podium voor onaffe zaken Plaza Futura The sound of Movie.
Publication Items magazine (article Annet Dekker)
‘Urban Nature’ at Sonar festival Barcelona, Spain.
vj  Graphics-design festival, Breda, NL
Performance De Beyerd, Breda with Banabila, Jarvis & vd Kooy
Mapping Festival Geneva, Nature of Being, with Scanner
Urban Nature, AV-social, Late at Tate, London.
Performance at Playlab, Effenaar, Eindhoven.
featured in magazine A-minima ‘Live Cinema’ by Solu
Masterclasses Cimatics, Brussels, Belgium
VJ at LOW-Festival, Cinetrip Budapest, HU
LOW Festival Jury-member, Cinetrip Budapest, HU
Plazaplus festival Curator, Plaza Futura, Eindhoven.
Plazaplus L1ghtsc00p Installation

Do not Exist, Group exhibition .
10 years Steaminsounds VJ Sugarfactory
Ford VJ AutoRAI (Imagination&*Spark)
Playlab, Groene Engel
Tongelreep, Betekenaar (Hugo Vrijdag)
ETAC sessions (MAD)
Stitch my name Videoclip Lilian Hak
Curator Visual_Active at State of the image
ImageRadio curator w/MAD & George Fifield
Cultura VJ Exhibition
LRV-Notations DVD  w/Girlbot /Sage Francis
Videos that Move Video production, AIFF
video-workshop L-Mono
movingbuildings workshop P60
DVD:Mediateca of Caixaforum (Solu)
Performance Petazzie, Effenaar
Bremen, Germany
RAI, Amsterdam
TUE, EindhovenVideo-production
Cordoba, Spain
De Balie, Amsterdam
Bilbao, Spain
Performance Transito, Stadschouwburg
Urban Nature/ van Abbe museum, Yourspace.
Schatten van Brabant performance
‘Ve-Ja’ VJ-book by Xarene eskander (USA)
Schatten van Brabant video-installatie
Visual_Active @ State of the image
State of the Image, with Banabila/Vloeimans
Transmit (MU / D-fuse) Effenaar
UU:Digital culture & new media
AV-social live VJ-set
VJ-workshop Eindhovense school. publication works
Plaza Futura, AV-set with Vloeimans& Banabila
LUX festival, live performance with Michel Banabila
STRP-Festival VJ set.
STRP-Festival video-docu.
VJ LAUNCH live AV with Michel Banabila in EKKO

Bergen op Zoom
Den Bosch
Arnhem, NL
Arnhem, NL
Eindhoven, NL
Utrecht, NL
London, UK
Eindhoven, NL
Eindhoven, NL
Sevilla, Spain
Eindhoven, NL
Eindhoven, NL
Utrecht, NL

NuMoonfest Lantaren-Venster w/ Banabila
Silent Movements Intercity, exhibition outdoor
LightRhythmVisuals tour
(VAD) performance with Michel Banabila
Gallery Resy Muijsers
screening: Urbanrhythmics, (D.O.R.)
Silent Movements Intercity, expo
ACCEA Media art Festival, screening
LightRhythmVisuals DVD Remix VJ anyone
VJ The Big Chill Festival, Eastnor, UK
Silent Movements Intercity expo
Paysages Electronique, performance
Ballet Mechanique Mapping-Festival
AVITUK05, Custardfactory
Triggermotion New pages online..
The capture of Temporal, Turchincenter, Expo.
Roland Kayn, VJ set, Witte dame,
AV-performance, Traces of rhythm, NBKS.
Public Live Bar, VJ-set.
VJ@Subterfudge Cabaret/ Punkvert, , VJ-set.
Dok-A, Boulevards theater, with Banabila
interview VJ culture by Annet Dekker
Rotterdam, NL
Rotterdam NL
Tokyo, Japan.
Girona, Spain.
Tilburg, NL
London, UK
Breda, NL
Eastnor, UK
Lille, France
Geneva, CH
Birmingham, UK
North Carolina, USA
Eindhoven NL
Breda, NL
London, UK
London, UK
Breda, NL