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Presentation on ‘curational practice in new media art’
AV:LAB, Mapping festival Geneva

Sat, 28 May – 14:00 to 18:00 – Lecture / workshop / presentation / demoBâtiment d’art contemporain

AV:lab is an offline educational course on new media and audiovisual arts. AV:lab visited Europe for the first time at Mapping in an effort to spread its popular course structure and lecture program. 

Audiovisual Academy presented the unique program for Mapping that included 8 presentations and talks with such visual entities as UVA, onedotzero, Russian Visual Artists (RVA) and lightrhythm visuals, explaining their success stories and how it has been possible to develop an industry and careers around visual arts. This is followed up with themed talks by Shantell Martin, Julien Vulliet aka Mr. Vux, Antonio Geusa, Olga Mink, Benge who were talking on their respective subjects of video mapping for theater, live illustration, curating visual arts and the history of synthesizers.

Our event program was not only very engaging, but truly international – we had people flying from Moscow, New York, London, Paris and Eindhoven! The educational program lasted for 2 days and was held at Geneva’s Centre for Contemporary Art BAC (Bâtiment d’art contemporain).

 Olga Mink – attitudes towards curating

Charismatic Olga arrived from Holland just in time for the lecture – she literally landed minutes before coming on stage. A well-known media artist, curator and media arts consultant, she knew the subject very well. In the last 8 years Olga organized many festivals and was both exhibited and curated works all over the world. It was a fresh approach to the artist’s career path and curating, seen by the eyes of a professional – and it was obvious that everyone in the audience enjoyed her talk.

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