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INTIMATE STRANGERS at théâtre Garonne from April 13th to 16th.

Meg Stuart and Damaged Goods present own and other artists’ works in performances, installations and actions where a natural, forced or strange intimacy is made public. Own works that will be presented in Toulouse are Do Animals Cry, the fault lines and The only possible city.

In Do Animals Cry (2009), Meg Stuart and her performers focus on a frantic family reunion where loved ones reminisce for the last time before falling to pieces. the fault lines (2010) by Meg Stuart, Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller starts as an intense physical interaction and moves almost unnoticeably into a fascinating and uncanny video installation. The only possible city (2008) is a video installation by Meg Stuart created on the invitation of MANIFESTA 7 (2008) in Bolzano.

Other artists invited to INTIMATE STRANGERS festival in Toulouse are Lawrence Malstaf with his performance Shrink, Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller with dead reckoning, Carmen Blaix Collectif    Siecle (de) Poudre, Fragile Architecture, Hahn Rowe accompanied by Olga Mink’s live video projections.

Shrink by Lawrence Malstaf consists of two large, transparent plastic sheets and a device that gradually sucks the air out from between them leaving the body of the person inside vacuum-packed and vertically suspended. For the duration of the performance the performer inside moves slowly and changes positions, which vary from an almost embryonic position to one resembling a crucified body.

dead reckoning is a choreographic videoinstallation by Philipp Gehmacher and Vladimir Miller offering a panoramic gaze on actions happening, though meanwhile hiding parts of it. The fragmented reconstruction is the camera’s game with the reality of physical movement. Consequently the spectator is moved to circle around the space to reconstruct on his/her own the overview he/she thinks to have seen.

Siecle (de) Poudre : Next to the myth, the famous Calamity Jane has been a loving and caring mother. The letters to her daughter demonstrate this vividly. Being adepts of disparate disciplines (theatre, music, visual arts) and interested in atypical texts, the Toulouse based Carmen Blaix Collectif researched this peculiar correspondence and created a different Far West where the ferocious vastness of the West turns into the jewel of the most simple and enigmatic relationship there is, the relationship between a mother and her daughter.

Fragile Architecture plays experimental psychedelic triphop. These Toulouse based musicians describe their project as being in constant mutation, collaborating with performers, visual artists and musicians a.o. For INTIMATE STRANGERS they collaborate with performer, videographer and photographer FraiseVinyl.

Composer, multi-instrumentalist and longtime Damaged Goods collaborator Hahn Rowe has developed a uniquely personal sonic language. Acoustic and electronic sounds melt with the infinite textures available through analog and digital processing, creating visceral and flowing polymorphous soundscapes. For this concert Rowe will be accompanied by artist Olga Mink’s live video projections.