Lightrhythm visuals DVD release
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pre-release announcement

lightrhythm is planning to release a new DVD title and various data formats for a new compilation which concludes more then a decade (2000-2011) of video, installations and live cinema performance by Dutch artist Olga Mink. The retrospective presents a body of work made in close collaboration with other artists, writers and musicians such as Scanner, Michel Banabila and Eric Vloeimans, amongst others. With several of the films completed, lightrhythm is considering several additional tracks to polish the release, which is planned to launch later this year.

Mink’s performance work includes The Nature of Being, a collaboration with musician Scanner. Images of natural and built environments are projected on three screens. The piece illustrates Mink’s  interest in nonliteral relationships between audio and video, as the relationships are interpretive rather than direct. But the juxtapositions are not just between image and music, but also between images themselves: Mink at times uses the three screens as a visual counterpoint to one another, generating internal rhythms as the movement on each of the screens plays off the others. In the end, the counterpoint shifts to unison as the three screens become windows onto a single large image. The effect is similar to a resolution in music; the imagery shifts from dissonance and suspense to resolve in consonance—the abstract narrative in The Nature of Being plays out as much through the formal elements of the images as through their content.
(Amy Alexander, UCSD San Diego)