Plazaplus festival 2010
Categories: Curating

Plazaplus is a three day festival, presenting interdisciplinary explorations by emerging international artists. Haushka’s Ghost Piano merges the old and new into a contemporary artistic experience. Artist in Focus, Sophie Clements presents her awarded piece Evensong. Natures is an audiovisual performance exploring the relation between nature and technology, performed by Quayala, Mira Calix and Oliver Coates. The interactive dance performance by Recoil uses motion-detection technology within an interactive environment. Optofonica’s Live Cinema is to be experienced in a one hour screening, as well as Culture TV screenings.  Program: PlazaPlus Festival

Invited Artists Plazaplus Festival 2010: Sophie Clements (UK) – Artist in focus. * Quayola (IT) – Natures, Strata II, Artist talk, * Recoil (DK) – Body navigations. * Hauschka (GER) – Ghost Piano,* Jeff Desom (LU) – Ghost Piano. * Raquel Meyers (ES) – Live cinema.* Goto80 (SE) – Live cinema.* Ilan Katin (US) – DJ/VJ.* CultureTV (NL) – Screenings.* J. Peter Schwalm (UK) – Concert.* Mira Calix (UK) – Natures.* Oliver Coates (UK) – Natures.* Hans Beekmans (NL) – Talk & Screening.* Optofonica (NL) – Screenings.* Francien van Everdingen (NL) – Presentation.* Olga Mink (NL) – Sjansmachine.* Carmin Karasic (NL) – Sjansmachine.* Rolf van Gelder (NL) – Sjansmachine.* Lady Aida (NL) – DJ set.* Jamaican Jukebox (NL) – DJ set. * Skatalikes (NL) – Concert.

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