Madatac video award
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VOICPRINT (w/music by Banabila)  selected BEST VIDEO ARTWORK:

The Madrid Festival of Contemporary Audio-Visual Arts (MADATAC – Muestra Abierta de Arte Audiovisual Contemporáneo), aims to serve as a lighthouse for video and visual artists; helping along the way and spotlighting work which challenges the conventional cinematic narrative.

With an open and inclusive approach, MADATAC will place particular value on experimentation, innovation and risk-taking. Prizes will be awarded to the best works from those presented to competition and selected for the festival by the TV programme, Transfera. Transfera is a weekly programme broadcast from Madrid showcasing digital and video art.

During the festival, there will be daily showings of video creations, open discussions with video artists, lectures, round-table debates, audio-visual performances and forums.


▪ Provide a regular opportunity for emerging audio-visual artists to establish themselves professionally: it is very difficult for these artists to show their work. The festival also aims to support those artists who are already better-placed in the art market.
▪ Stimulate video artists´ creativity, provide feedback for them and establish a productive interaction with society as a whole.
▪ Support audio-visual trends which are developing and evolving in line with technological breakthroughs at all levels.
▪ Find a point where academic and experimental can meet to create a festival based fundamentally on recognising innovate contribution.
▪ Provide audiences with a clear picture of the current state and possible future of video art and digital audio-visual art. Artists, prizewinners and professionals from the video art world will take part in a wide range of activities including master classes, open forums, technical courses and workshops, enabling them to share their experience, expectations, future projects and creative approach with the public.
▪ Create a new environment to exhibit and aquire video art alongside the art fairs, museums and galleries. This will serve as a training ground for video artists and a reference point where galleries, collectors, critics, curators and cultural organisations can discover what is on the up in this field.