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DVD-collection for MEDIATECA of CAIXAFORUM in Barcelona.

Short clips, images and texts available also on the website.

In the past few years there has been an explosion of interest in real time video thanks to the development of new tools, digital programs and the “laptop” culture in general. Now more than ever, musical concerts go hand in hand with visual projections. The current exploration of new ways to perform live and the new generation of audiovisual programs have resulted in a medium that is attractive to artists who want to mix different disciplines such as design, architecture, music, dance, programming and image.

By curator Mia Makela

a mínima: The Live cinema edition.

Mia Makela edited a special issue on LIVE CINEMA for a:minima magazine in 2008. a mínima is a printed magazine on present-day art and new media that documents the work of artists and researchers interested in the involvement of science and technology in art and culture. It spreads artworks about different topics: bioart, robotic, software art, art and sciene, and social researches related with new technologies.